Cod livers in own oil

item number:2020
packing:Steriled fish tin
ingredients:Cod livers - cod (Gadus morhua), own oil, salt
storage:Store and keep at the temperature +2°C to +28°C. After opening, keep at the temperature up to +6°C and use within 24 hours.
production method:Catch in the sea
catch area / fishing gear type / country of originNorth East Atlantic FAO 27, subregion 5/ Seines or hooks and lines/ Made in Iceland
logistics data
unit bar code:85912953
carton bar code:28594009061217
unit width [mm]:62
unit length [mm]:107
unit heigth [mm]:29
carton width [cm]:12
carton length [cm]:36
carton heigth [cm]:7
unit gross weight [g]:143
carton gross wieght [kg]:1,8
units per carton:12
cartons per layer:23
number of layers per palette:17

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